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Over the years, I’ve worked with a diverse group of individuals in many roles ranging from legal services to social services.


In the earlier years of my working career, I was a Project Coordinator in an at-risk neighborhood where I was able to help newcomers settle into Canada. In addition, I also worked at the Immigration and Refugee Board and Canada Border Services Agency to better grasp my understanding of immigration law.


As I dived deeper into my law career, I interned at boutique firms doing Family and Immigration law.


After my call to the Ontario Bar, I wanted to open a firm where each individual client received the most unique service. I wanted each client to know that this firm will always be there.

The Vision

Our vision is to help our clients achieve long-term solutions that can help contribute to a fulfilling stress-free life. 

The Mission

Our mission strives for effective and personable service. Keeping real-life circumstances and experiences in mind, we provide non-judgemental legal solutions that keep your best interest as the top priority.

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