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When purchasing a home, it should be smooth-sailing and memorable. Here is how we help you out:

You come to us when you're ready to purchase your home. Your lawyer supports you in reviewing your status certificate or the agreement of purchase and sale to ensure that the information on the document is fair and clearly outlined.

We then have a meeting in which we will walk through a detailed excel file that outlines all your costs, disbersements, and potential cotengiency costs.


In any case that you are unsure of exact costs, we identify a realistic buffer number. An example of this can be if you are purchasing from a B-Lender. A lawyer can give you a legimate estimate based on previous experience.

On the day of your closing, your legal support will be in continuous  contact and will take care of all your documents including money exchange, bank documents, and payout.

Let's make your homebuying experience enjoyable and perdictable. Let's get to work today!

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