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Sponsorship Support

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When looking into sponsorship, it is usually considered in support of the following individuals: grandparents & parents or your spouse. 

Sponsorship for Parents and Grandparents

When looking for sponsorship for your family members to enter Canada, it is important that you understand the Lottery Pool. 

Once you fill out an application and expression of interest with the support of a lawyer (if needed), you are then entered into a lottery pool. Every year, the Government of Canada draws a certain number of applications from the pool. If selected, you can then fill out your application and be considered for citizenship.

Sponsorship for Common-Law Relationships


When considering sponsorship for Common-law sponsorship, it is always important to think about the information required to support your application early in advance and to note that you must be living together for at least two years. Some items to support your case include:

  • Video's, Images, and Screenshots

  • Phone Call Log

  • Images backed up and saved in case items go missing

  • Any supporting documents to solidify your relationship

Please note: If you are pregnant or have kids together, the process can be completed much faster.

Sponsorship for Married Couples

If you and your partner are married, it is important to first note that your marriage will only be considered if you had an in-person wedding, and the wedding was not done by a proxy. To support your application, you must have the items mentioned above for a common-law relationship as well as supporting files to solidify your marriage.

International Adoptions

Get legal advice from the beginning, so you know the correct process to make the sponsorship easy for your newest family member. 

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