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Study Permit


Study Permit

The most important consideration with a study permit is that you plan to go back to your home country once your stay in Canada is completed. When applying for a Study Permit, the following items are usually considered:

  • Ties to your home country (bank accounts, inheritance, family members, property, business, etc.)

  • Travel history (what does your experience coming in and out of your home country look like and can try trust you)

  • Invitation from family member or individual you are visiting when you come to Canada

  • Flight Information (round-trip flight)

  • Amount of savings you currently have

  • Acceptance Letter from desired school or program

  • Whether your program of choice is relevant to your long-term goal​​

Example: If you are looking into travel and tourism, and you already have a business degree in your own country, but wish to apply for a tourism continuing education program, the Immigration Services will assess if the program is one of your best options and its alignment with your overall career goals.

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