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Work Permit

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Work Permit

The most important consideration with a work permit is that you plan to go back to your home country once your stay in Canada is completed. When applying for a Work Permit, the following items are usually considered:

  • Ties to your home country (bank accounts, inheritance, family members, property, business, etc.)

  • Travel history (what does your experience coming in and out of your home country look like and can try trust you)

  • Invitation from family member or individual you are visiting when you come to Canada

  • Flight Information (round-trip flight 

  • Amount of savings you currently have

  • Labour Market Impact Assessment

Labour Market Impact Assessment

A Labour Market Impact Assessment is a formal document that an employer may need to fill out before presenting you with the work opportunity. The employer needs to be able to show that they have actively looked for a suitable candidate in their own country before presenting it abroad.

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